These are the books I’m reading.

Title: The Effective Executive
Peter F. Drucker
Date read: Nov 19, 2019
High-level areas of effectiveness such as time management, decision-making. Great principles, but kind of dry in the delivery. I found it hard to stay engaged.

  • Focus on strength in an indivudual, rather than weakness, to maximize their efficiency.
  • Take responsibility for being understood.
  • To make an effecitve decision, one must first have a full understanding of all aspects of it.
  • “Is this still worth doing?” – Sometimes dropping something mid-way is more effective than pushing through for the sake of completing.

Title: The Culture Code
Daniel Coyle
Date read: Nov 1, 2019
The importance of working as a team is paramount to a group’s success. Clearly stating (and reiterating) the group’s priorities as well as label the behaviors that support those priorities will instill them into the team’s culture.

  • “You can’t prevent mistakes, but you can solve problems generously.”

Title: Never Split the Difference
Chris Voss
Date read: Oct 26, 2019
Great book full of anecdotal stories from a former FBI hostage negotiator. Chris drives home the importance of using tactical empathy, active listening, and calibrated questions to uncover the “Black Swan” in a negotiation.