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  • Shipit of Theseus

    When all the code has been rewritten, is it still the same product? Refactors. If you’ve worked in the same codebase for long enough you will have experienced one. Or two. Three? Maybe you’ve lost count. Maybe you started by bringing the frontend up to the current Twitter-driven JS trend. Then wrote a new API […]

  • Look at me

    Look at me

    It’s the Law of Attraction. Life is Beautiful. 

  • Get plugin info api

    I keep losing this link. Maybe I won’t need to Google it every time if I actually write it down. So, for example, get a nice list of all Jetpack versions (tags) in the .org svn repo.

  • 7 Years with WordPress

    7 Years with WordPress

    Happy WordPressiversary, WordPress!

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